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An AHERA accredited inspector will help you to determine the appropriate sampling plan and protocol to ensure that you protect yourself from health impacts and liabilities, without wasting money on abating unnecessary materials. I would be happy to discuss your project specifics and come up with a plan that satisfies the legal and health obligations without excessive costs and fees.



Asbestos is a natural mineral that is found in some building materials, and is known to be a hazardous carcinogen. Building owners and contractors must perform testing or site surveys prior to disturbing or demolishing a building or building materials that may contain asbestos. Although most people are aware of the potential for asbestos content in pipe insulation, 9×9 floor tile, transite siding, and floor mastic; any building material that is not made of wood, metal, or glass may contain asbestos. 



Whether you’re a new home buyer concerned about the possibility of lead-based paint in a home built prior to 1978, or even a renter signing a lease for housing built before 1978, our experts can determine your risk for lead exposure in the residence.



Many clients want to know exactly what types of mold they have growing in their buildings, and what types of spores that may be breathing in. We can offer a wide variety of sampling services that are analyzed by professional and impartial labs. We can perform these testing services in conjunction with a mold inspection, as a final clearance test or remediation verification, or to provide documentation needed for legal of insurance issues

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