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Environmental Consulting Licenses

Testing & Inspection for Lead / Asbestos

When there is a concern for the presence of mold, lead, or asbestos, home and business owners deserve answers from verified and professional environmental testing experts.

St. John Environmental Consulting strives to exceed licensing and industry guidelines with exceptional and thorough testing services. Here are just some of our licenses and accolades.

Inspection Licenses

Licensed Lead Risk Assessor

St. John Environmental Consulting is a licensed Lead Risk Assessor in four states. This option goes beyond that required of a lead inspector. Requirements to obtain a license include a four-year college degree, two years of experience in a related field such as lead, asbestos, housing repair or inspection, and/or environmental hazard remediation work, or certification as an industrial hygienist. You also must pass a state examination. Licenses are valid in Missouri for two years. Continuing education is required to maintain licensure.

Licensed Asbestos Inspector

St. John Environmental Consulting is a licensed Asbestos Inspector in five states. In Missouri, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources oversees regulation and licensure for asbestos professionals. Asbestos inspectors must also pass a rigorous state examination and hold several federal certifications. The first of these is the Certified Air Sampling Professional (CASP) certification. This certification involves passing an exam that tests the inspector’s skills in identifying, controlling, and eliminating airborne asbestos. The CASP certification is required and is issued by the EPA. Next, an asbestos inspector must also have a Certified Asbestos Inspector (CAI) certification. This tests the inspector’s abilities to inspect and survey facilities for potential asbestos contamination and measures to prevent the contamination from becoming airborne. The EPA also offers this certification. Finally, an asbestos inspector must also have an EPA)-approved asbestos safety and health certification. This is necessary for all inspectors working with hazardous materials.

Veterans Professional Industrial Hygienist (VPIH)

St. John Environmental Consulting is a Veterans Professional Industrial Hygienist (VPIH). A professional industrial hygienist is a highly qualified scientist/engineer committed to protecting the health and safety of the workforce. Ian St. John of St. John Environmental Consulting is both a Veterans Professional Industrial Hygienist (VPIH) and Contractor Professional Industrial Hygienist (CPIH). This means that St. John Environmental Consulting offers expert worksite analyses that anticipate, identify, and recognize potential hazards. We evaluate the risks and make informed recommendations to help you mediate the issues at hand.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

St. John Environmental Consulting is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to promoting trust between customers and businesses. BBB accreditation signifies that St. John Environmental Consulting strives to provide service with trustworthiness and integrity. It also demonstrates that we are committed to making a good-faith effort to resolve any potential consumer issues. We’ve worked diligently to earn and maintain our A+ rating, the highest rating the BBB offers.

We maintain our licenses and certifications so our clients can be assured our testing services are the best available.

Our mission is to provide consulting, oversight, and monitoring services safely and of the highest quality to home and business owners, as well as to many government entities. We have many acronyms that boast our credentials, but our best measure of quality is a satisfied customer.

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