Hiring separate companies for asbestos testing and remediation

Asbestos exposure is a serious concern in the workplace and in the home. This mineral fiber is widely known for its adverse effects on human health, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Because of its past popularity, asbestos can be found in many older buildings. It is important for property owners to take measures to ensure the safety of their employees in a business or your loved ones in a residence. This starts with expert asbestos testing and removal, if necessary. In this case, a one stop shop is may not be the best choice for you. The professionals at St. John Environmental Consulting want you to know why hiring separate companies for asbestos testing and remediation could result in a better outcome.

Hiring separate companies for asbestos testing and remediationWith asbestos testing from St. John Environmental Consulting, you avoid conflict of interest. Asbestos testing and removal require special skills, licenses, and equipment. Concentrate your search on companies that specialize in these areas, and not general contractors who say they can meet your asbestos testing and removal needs. It is not uncommon for a company that performs asbestos removal to also offer asbestos testing services. This situation may lead to a conflict of interest as the company may manipulate the results to ensure future business. By hiring two separate companies, you can rest assured that the asbestos testing results are impartial, allowing for correct identification of asbestos-containing materials. St. John Environmental Consulting works diligently to identify any potential asbestos dangers in your home or business. We test thoroughly and report our findings clearly. We don’t make money from offering remediation services, so you know our reports are unbiased. Hiring separate companies for asbestos testing and remediation can help to avoid possible conflicts of interest.

With asbestos testing from St. John Environmental Consulting, you get our specific testing expertise. We specialize in identifying asbestos using samples collected from your building. These samples will determine the type of asbestos present and the amount that requires removal. Asbestos removal companies, on the other hand, are experts in the removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials. Choosing two separate companies allows you to benefit from their expertise in their respective fields.

With asbestos testing from St. John Environmental Consulting, you mitigate liability. Asbestos testing and removal can be a complex and risky job. By hiring two different companies, you limit the liability should anything go wrong. Testing companies such as St. John Environmental Consulting are responsible for accurate identification of asbestos, while removal companies need to ensure proper disposal of asbestos-containing waste. This way, both companies can work together to solve any issues that may arise, protecting you from financial and legal liability.

With asbestos testing from St. John Environmental Consulting, you may actually save money. Although it might seem logical to get both services from the same company, hiring two different companies can potentially save you money. Asbestos testing companies can provide you with a report stating exactly which areas of your building need asbestos removal. This information can help you solicit bids from various removal companies, allowing you to negotiate for better pricing.

With asbestos testing from St. John Environmental Consulting, you know compliance with regulations is a priority. Hiring two different companies to perform asbestos testing and removal helps to ensure compliance with legal requirements. Asbestos is regulated by federal, state, and local laws. Working with companies that are familiar with these regulations will help you avoid costly penalties or lawsuits resulting from noncompliance.

Working with experts in each area has its benefits and helps to avoid potential conflicts of interest, and this will save you time and money. Ultimately, getting accurate identification of asbestos in your building, and proper removal and disposal of the hazardous substance is essential to keep your employees and family safe. The first step is to schedule an asbestos inspection with St. John Environmental Consulting. When you are concerned that materials in your structure might contain asbestos, call St. John Environmental Consulting today for affordable asbestos testing in St. Louis, St. Louis County, St. Charles, and the surrounding areas. You deserve complete, unbiased and unquestionable results from your environmental testing. St. John Environmental Consulting provides just that. Call us today at 314-853-4668.

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