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Lead, Asbestos, and Mold Testing in O'Fallon, Missouri

O’Fallon, Missouri is a wonderful place for both families and businesses to prosper.

With highly rated schools, low crime and cost-friendly housing, it’s no wonder that 40% of new housing construction permits in the Greater St. Louis area are issued in O’Fallon and surrounding communities.

Major corporations such as MasterCard and Citibank employ thousands in O’Fallon along with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses. Home and business ownership requires a large investment. You want to protect your family or employees from any potential hazard. St. John Environmental Consulting can do that with professional lead and mold testing in O’Fallon MO.

Why should I test my O'Fallon, Missouri home for lead?

Lead Paint Testing in O'Fallon, Missouri

O'Fallon, Missouri Mold and Lead Testing

O'Fallon, Missouri is a very popular community for families. With children in the home, testing for lead becomes especially important. Long term lead exposure may lead to serious long term health concerns as well as behavior problems in children. Lead is particularly hazardous to children under the age of six. This is because lead found in paint, dust and soil gets into the child's system when they put their fingers, toys, paint chips or dust into their mouths. Lead has also been found to harm pregnant women and the developing fetus.

Call St. John Environmental Consulting Services

To test your O'Fallon, Missouri home for possible lead contamination if your house was built before 1978 and has chipping or peeling paint, or if you plan to repaint, remodel or renovate your home. Homes built before 1950 almost always have some lead-based paint.

When purchasing an O'Fallon home, federal law requires the seller to provide an informational pamphlet about the potential presence of lead.

The seller is also required to disclose any and all known lead hazards in the home. The professional lead testers at St. John Environmental Consulting will thoroughly inspect your home including walls, soil and all suspected areas where lead-based products could be present. Because the health of your family is important, don't choose DIY to test for lead. Leave it to the experts at St. John Environmental Consulting so you can get a complete and accurate report of any possible lead contamination. Your peace of mind is worth it.

Should I test my O'Fallon, Missouri home for mold or asbestos?

Mold and asbestos may not be your first concern when purchasing a home in O'Fallon, and you may not associate the presence of mold with the increasing allergy symptoms in your current residence. Asbestos and mold inspection and testing with St. John Environmental Consulting Services will assist O'Fallon MO home buyers and owners make an informed choice about how to avoid or remediate health and safety issues caused by mold.

If you are purchasing a home in O'Fallon, your home inspector might note a buildup of moisture or other indicators that suggest the presence of mold. That is when savvy buyers call St. John Environmental Consulting. We have the technology and experience to diagnose and measure a wide variety of indoor air quality concerns. You know our expert services are unbiased because we do not offer remediation services. Our reports to you represent the truth about any mold found in the home you are purchasing. Our cost-effective mold testing provides the assurance you need to complete your transaction.

If you are a current O'Fallon MO homeowner or business owner, consider a mold inspection and testing if there has been water damage, a leaky roof, or broken plumbing. Many areas of O'Fallon are susceptible to flooding and basement backups. Veteran-owned St. John Environmental Consulting carefully evaluates and inspects an affected area, samples and tests for airborne mold spore levels or rules out fungal growth. We will identify the source of any problem and provide a tailored protocol to clear and restore the affected area.

Steps To Success With St. John Environmental Consulting

Protect your home and family. Protect your business, employees and customers.

Cost-effective and complete lead and mold testing in O'Fallon, Missouri is just one call away. Contact St. John Environmental Consulting right away at (314) 853-4668.

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