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Residents and business owners in Des Peres, Missouri enjoy being the heartbeat of metropolitan St. Louis, situated just miles west of the Gateway Arch. The name Des Peres is French for “of the fathers,” paying homage to French Jesuit Missionaries who settled in the area in 1700. Des Peres has grown into a vibrant Midwest suburb of over 9,000 residents who value education, family, and superior service.

Professional evaluations for home and business

St. John Environmental Consulting has been providing quality environmental testing for Des Peres families and business owners for nearly three decades. Our experts want you to know the some of the benefits of environmental testing for your Des Peres property.

Expert Testing for Your Des Peres Home or Business

Health and safety for your Des Peres property and its occupants

Comprehensive environmental testing for lead, mold, and asbestos is crucial to safeguard the health and well-being of occupants, preventing potential respiratory illnesses, allergies, and long-term health risks associated with exposure to these hazardous substances.

Can help to comply with regulatory requirements for your Des Peres location

Many jurisdictions have stringent regulations mandating the identification and management of lead, mold, and asbestos in buildings. Conducting environmental testing ensures compliance with these regulations, helping homeowners and businesses avoid legal repercussions and fines.

Protect property values for your Des Peres home or business

Proactive testing and management of lead, mold, and asbestos contribute to the preservation of property values. Addressing these environmental hazards promptly enhances a property's marketability and shields against potential depreciation caused by undisclosed issues during real estate transactions.

Mold, lead, and asbestos testing may help selling or buying property

Having documented evidence of environmental testing facilitates smoother real estate transactions. Homebuyers and tenants often seek assurances of a safe living or working environment, making thorough testing a valuable asset during property negotiations. For businesses, environmental testing is a critical aspect of risk management. Identifying and addressing lead, mold, and asbestos hazards helps mitigate legal liabilities, potential fines, and reputational damage, showcasing a commitment to occupational health and safety.

Why do I need Des Peres mold testing?

Mold thrives in environments with excess moisture, and its presence in buildings can lead to various health concerns, including respiratory issues and allergies. Recognizing the potential health hazards and the structural damage that mold can cause, it is imperative for Des Peres homeowners and business operators to prioritize mold testing as an integral part of their property maintenance and safety protocols. Our experience and specialized equipment can detect hidden mold growth, even before visible signs appear. This proactive approach allows for you to pursue swift remediation, preventing further damage to your property and safeguarding the well-being of everyone who occupies it.

Why do I need Des Peres lead testing?

Lead, a silent threat lurking in homes built before 1978, can silently chip away at the health of your family or employees. This toxic metal often hides in paint, dust, and soil, posing a particular danger to young children whose developing bodies absorb it readily. The consequences of lead exposure are far-reaching, ranging from developmental delays and learning disabilities to behavioral problems and even organ damage. Lead testing is your crucial first line of defense. Prioritize lead testing in your Des Peres home or business – it's an investment in health, safety, and peace of mind.

Why do I need Des Peres asbestos testing?

Asbestos lurks in insulation, flooring, and ceiling tiles, its microscopic fibers can be released during renovations or disturbances, silently invading your lungs and potentially leading to mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other serious illnesses. An asbestos test, conducted by the certified professionals at St. John Environmental, is your safety net. Conducting comprehensive asbestos testing for Des Peres homes or businesses is essential in identifying and quantifying the presence of asbestos, allowing property owners to implement appropriate abatement measures, protect occupants, and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements.

Des Peres home and business owners can call St. John Environmental Consulting to identify environmental safety concerns. We prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional services to residential, commercial, and governmental clients. Call St. John Environmental Consulting today at 314-853-4668.

At St. John Environmental Consulting, our first commitment is to the client.

The next time you need mold, asbestos, and lead testing in Des Peres, Missouri, call St. John Environmental Consulting at 314-853-4668 for fast and accurate service.

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