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St. Charles, Missouri

Asbestos, Lead, and Mold Testing in St. Charles, Missouri

If you own or manage a property in the St. Charles region, you are responsible for the welfare of its occupants.

Hazards such as asbestos, lead and mold might be present in your home or business, so working with a professional environmental consultant is essential to keeping others safe. If you are seeking guidance from a professional environmental consultant in St. Charles, here are some factors to consider when hiring a professional industrial hygienist.

What is an environmental consultant?

Environmental consultants provide expert inspection and guidance in the realm of environmental safety. In St. Charles, St. John Environmental Consulting can assist with inspection and advisement to homeowners, business owners, industrial, institutional and governmental agencies. We are certified and highly trained to locate and handle environmental hazards including asbestos, lead, mold and more.

Asbestos, Lead, and Mold Testing in St. Louis, Missouri

What does a St. Charles environmental consultant do?

St. John Environmental Consulting works with you to ensure the safety of your family or workforce. We conduct inspections to identify any hazard present. We devise management plans to abate the issue and provide oversight of regulatory procedures and remediation plans. If you have just purchased a home in St. Charles and are concerned for the presence of asbestos, lead or mold, our experts will inspect your home to provide peace of mind. We can provide consulting for one structure or an entire multifamily community. We can inspect a small business or manufacturing facility.

What is involved in St. Charles asbestos, lead, and mold testing?

In St. Charles, you can rely on the experts at St. John Environmental consulting to complete professional testing for asbestos, mold testing, lead testing and other potential hazards. This involves comprehensive visual inspection of buildings and materials, collection of samples throughout the area, laboratory analysis of samples and immediate and straightforward communication of the results.

If you live or work in the St. Charles, you have access to expert guidance in:

Assessment of any contamination

Determination of environmental impact

Testing of air, water and soil

Compliance with local, regional and federal regulations

Guidelines for health and safety

When you are concerned about the potential presence of asbestos, lead, mold or other environmental hazard

Get expert advice from St. John Environmental Consulting

We are passionate about environmental testing and safety. Our professionals have decades of experience and hold key certifications that ensure your project is completed with the highest standards. Don’t risk your health or put your business at unnecessary risk. Call St. John Environmental Consulting at 314-853-4668 today for affordable asbestos, lead and mold testing in St. Charles and surrounding areas.

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